On May 20th, 2016 the FDA annouced new changes to the Nutrition Facts Labels:
Here are some new timelines
* On 7/26/2016 the food industry can begin selling products with new labels
* Compliance date for the new labels will be 7/26/2018 with more than 10 million in sales
* Compliance date for new labels will be 7/26/2019 will be for companies less than 10 million in sales
With that Menutail will be supporting these new changes.  Here are the new tools we expect to be available:

New Features:
  • Reference Amount Customarily Consumed (RACC Calculator) - we will provide a tool to help you figure out your serving sizes
  • If you are any existing customer, the ability to make a copy of your old label to the new format
  • A new label generator for the labels.
Important Note:
  • Some customers import existing nutrition facts labels as part of their formulation.  However what we suspect that if you do this Potassium and Vitamin D values will be off because it isn't included on any of the old labels.  Our recommendation is to get lab data on any ingredients you import or use the data from the USDA dataset.


Our timeline to get these new features will be about 2 months.  Stay tuned to this blog for updates.


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