Menutail uses USDA-SR and the
latest web technology to create
FDA compliant nutrition facts labels

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Create FDA Compliant Nutrition Facts Labels Online

Menutail is a cloud based system where you can create your nutrition facts labels online. There is no need to install anything on your computer.

How It Works

No Lab Work Required

The FDA allows nutrition analysis with an authorized nutrition database which we have! That means there is no need to submit your data to a lab.

Vector PDF Download

We are the only nutrition facts analysis website on the Internet that allows you to do a direct download of your label via a PDF. That means you get a high resolution vector scalable file that your designer or co-packer needs to finish your label design.

No Installation Required

With Menutail, you can access our platform completely through your browser. That means no program to download, and you can use a Mac or PC without any problems.

Tutorial Video + Free Ebook


To help you learn about Menutail and the new compliance requirements, here is a 7 minute video overview as well as a free ebook:

  • How to create the new FDA label required by the FDA in 2020.
  • New regulations about serving size rounding.
  • An overview of the new RACC (serving size) values.
  • When a dual column label is required.

Free Ebook

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