After many years of delay, the FDA final released the final rules for menu labeling in restaurants.  The final ruling can be read here.

Here is a short summary of the ruling.

What are calorie menu labeling rules?
If you meet criteria, your food establishment will have to display calories next to food items which are routinely offered.  Items which are daily specials are temporary do not have to have calories on it.

Who has to provide calorie labeling?

Menu labeling only applies if:

  • You are an covered establishment and have 20 or more locations
  • The establishment is DBA as the same name

Also the list extends just beyond restaurants:

Definition of Covered Establishment - 101.11(a)  
Restaurants, Quick Service, Table Service School - 7 CFR 210.2 220.2
Bakeries Trains
Cafeteria Airplanes
Coffee Shops  
Convenience Stores  
Food Service Facilities - Entertainment Venues  
Amusement Parks  
Bowling Alleys  
Movie Theaters  
Food Service Vendors - Ice Cream Shops  
Mall Cookie Counters  
Food Take Out (pizza)  
Delivery Establishments  
Grocery Stores  
Retail Confectionary Stores  

If you are in the 'YES' column you will be under the regulations.

How do I provide menu calorie labeling?

The FDA allows establishments to use nutrition databases or lab analysis.  Since Menutail uses USDA data, you can use our site to generate your nutrition analysis!

Do I need to keep records after I do my calorie analysis?

The FDA may request records of your analysis methods.  Menutail will provide custom audit reports you can send to the FDA.

Do I need to have calories on alcochol?
Yes, alcohols will need to have calorie labeling.

When do I need to complete my menu labeling by?
December 1st, 2015

Menutail is following this regulation closely, and if you have any questions you can e-mail




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